MOA Launch

Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to finally announce the launch of my new music project, which has been over two years in the making, and which I will be introducing to you as MOA. It reflects my personal journey as a musician and draws on the diverse experiences and influences I have had up to this point in time. The music is very much the result of the collective efforts by many of the exceptional people I have surrounded myself with, that have directly or indirectly been involved with this project. One of these exceptional people is Obed Calvaire, who worked intensely on this music, and without whom this would not have been possible. Another such person is Chiwoniso, one of the most talented musicians I have met, who is featured here, and who tragically passed away before the release. I want to thank all the many people who have supported me over the years, who have believed in me and my music, and have let me find my way. This music is the expression of all who I am today. Thank you!

- Max Wild